Millions are Asking
Spiritual Questions Online

Our answers lead them to Christ

Sincere seekers are being misled

If we don’t do everything we can to reach them, others will fill in the gap—but their answers won’t always present Bible-based Truth

This is the kind of opportunity we have only dared to dream about. This is the low-hanging fruit!

Today we have access to an audience already prepared to hear our message. No convincing needed. They’re already searching for truth, ready to listen to whoever answers their call.

But they’re not always finding Bible-based Truth.

They’re just clicking on whichever content appears highest in the search engine results pages.

There’s more to digital evangelism than just being online.

Connecting these seekers (many of whom are in a state of crisis) with Bible-based, Christ-centered content requires a targeted, data-driven strategy that continually adapts to an ever-changing mission landscape.

Our organization, Center for Online Evangelism, is currently the only Seventh-day Adventist ministry that uses this strategy and focuses solely on reaching this mission field.


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Meeting People Where They Are: Search Engines

People are asking questions—we are there to answer

No ads. No mass mailings. No billboards.
No interruptions to try to get someone’s attention. 

When someone asks a question on a search engine, they want an answer now, and they are open to receiving Truth.

We are there—at the moment the question is asked—to provide Bible-based, Christ-centered answers to their pressing spiritual questions.

We help people find high-quality, positive content about the message we’ve been given to share with the world.

A Unique Mission Field Requires a Unique Team

The Center for Online Evangelism team is uniquely positioned to reach this mission field.

We understand the people who are using search engines. We know what spiritual answers they are searching for. And we know how to create and optimize answers so they show up high in the search engine results.

Since 2012, we’ve worked on a broad range of projects and are trusted by many, including these organizations:

Ask An Adventist Friend

By researching the questions people ask online about Adventism, we produce content that answers these questions in an informative content that appears more and inviting way—one that leads them toward Bible study.

Project Caleb

The best way to mitigate inaccurate online content about Adventists is to produce helpful, accurate, appealing content that apeears more prominently in search engine results. Overcome evil with good!

Digital Evangelism Project

We’re providing job opportunities for Adventists in underserved, vulnerable areas of the world. they learn to be online evangelists, while also learning valuable career skills that will allow them to support their families.

How COE Works

Our plan for reaching millions of seekers

1. Discover the Seekers

We conduct extensive research to find out which spiritual questions people are asking in search engines.

Further research helps us uncover the intent behind those searches and determine what content is currently being served to seekers.

2. Create Targeted, Optimized Content

We create webpages that are carefully designed to answer the specific questions identified in step one.

These pages are then optimized so Google will recognize them as authoritative and will put the pages in the list of search results.

3. Guide seekers to Bible-based, Christ-centered Truth

Each page is designed to give visitors what they’re looking for, and pull them deeper into the website to learn more. The ultimate goal is engaging the visitor in a formal Bible study that leads to baptism.

Pastor Google–
the most popular spiritual advisor in the world.

Every month, more than 300,000 people ask Google to help them with a question about Bible prophecy. In the same time period, 50,000 will ask Google a question about the Sabbath. And more than 1 million will ask about some aspect of Bible study.


In most cases, Google will give the seeker a list of at least 10 web pages that might answer the question.

Many times—more times than we’d like to admit—that list will have no webpages from Seventh-day Adventist websites. At best, one Adventist website will be listed. And on rare occasions, two of the 10 pages offered by Google will be from Adventist websites.

Even when the question is specifically about Seventh-day Adventist beliefs or lifestyle.

When it comes to this vast mission field of active seekers, we are not a city shining on a hill… instead, our light is hidden under a basket, and our detractors are the ones who are telling our story.

We believe that this is wrong.

We have a plan to change it.

First, we discover and identify the seekers, such as the 300,000 people searching for answers on Bible prophecy.

Then we create high-quality, high-performing content that answers the specific questions and needs of those searchers.

We optimize the content so Google will recognize it as one of the best answers for that specific question and include it in the list of 10 results offered to the searcher.

Rather than leaving our message and our story to our detractors, we are able to guide our readers to Bible-based, Christ-centered Truth.

“I kept hearing so many different things…
I had to find the truth for myself.”

hear tina’s story: how she became an adventist because of online evangelism.