Involve Others

So, you really want to put your church on the map by implementing online evangelism strategies. The church’s Facebook page or Instagram account is up, but you feel like you’re all on your own, trying to build your presence. 

If you want to involve your church community in building a strong social media presence and reach more souls for Christ, try these steps:

1. Encourage church members to engage with the content.

Give them time to check-in

Church members usually have their phones with them at church. During the announcements (or another appropriate time during or after the service), give members a few minutes to visit the social media page and check-in, leave a review, or share the church’s live stream. 

The ushers can help

If you want to avoid having members use their phones during the service, employ the help of ushers at the doors. Ask them to remind church members as they come in, to check-in and review the church’s social media account for updates and content to share.

2. Show your members the benefits of having a personal social media account.

Provide proper training and lessons

There will be congregants who are against using social media on a whole, let alone, using it for ministry.

It’s easy to see why there are negative feelings toward such platforms. If used unwisely, social media use can be detrimental to mental health and spiritual growth.

The most important point is that we use these tools to honor God and bless others. Social media, used under the guidance of the Holy Spirit can be used to win souls to Christ. Church members should be trained on how to use these platforms to be a witness of the transformative power of Christ. 

Focus on the older generation

Although the younger generation can easily attest to the benefits of social media, the older generation may be harder to convince. But with proper presentation and sharing testimonies of lives that have been changed through social media ministry, church members will be more open to supporting your church’s mission to build its online presence.

COE conducts special presentations to help members understand the value of social media evangelism.

Schedule a Presentation

3. Ask church members to share photos and highlights.

Share experiences

Social media is about sharing experiences and inviting others to be a part of that experience. Why not share one of the best occurrences of the week? Worship! Remind church members to share moments they value from their worship experience at church and to include the church’s hashtag. 

They can record a story for their Instagram account, Go Live during the church potluck, or create a snap. Visitors want to see the real people who make up your church. As your church family actively engages in sharing their worship encounter online, this gives others a glimpse into what it’s like to visit your church.

Learn how to create a great hashtag by reading this.

4. Organize a digital mission project to generate content for your page

Content production doesn’t have to be a problem.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges when it comes to social media marketing for your church relates to content production. You don’t have to get stuck scrambling for content. Enlist the help of your church and you can solve the problem.

Organize a digital mission project event. 

Invite members to participate in a content creation event on a Sabbath afternoon. Ask members to bring their laptops or cellphones and gather in the church hall. Everyone can log onto and begin creating graphics. Canva is a straightforward, graphic design program and anyone can learn how to use the templates.

Graphics can include:

  • Scriptures

  • Spirit of Prophecy quotes

  • Sermon quotes

  • Questions

  • Happy Sabbath or seasonal greetings

  • Other encouraging messages

By creating these graphics en masse, you won’t run out of content to post. While your members are creating these, they can email the graphics to the social media page editor who will upload them to the church’s page.

Content Creation Stations

Remember, you don’t have to limit the event to graphics creation.

You can establish other content creation stations around the church. A photographer can take portraits of members while another person writes a short version of their story.

In another part of the room, you can record one-minute videos. Individuals can share their personal testimonies, lessons of faith they are learning, or ways that being a part of the church community strengthened their faith. 

5. Create groups and select trusted church members to be moderators

Facebook Groups are designed to connect individuals with others who share the same interests, want support, or wish to learn from each other. Even though your church has a Facebook page, encourage church members to start groups. These groups can be geared specifically toward the community your church is in.  

Ideas for Groups:

  • Single dads

  • Pet owners

  • New moms

  • Lessons from the Book of Daniel

  • Engaged Couples

  • Teachers

  • Bank Tellers

  • Vegan Recipes

  • Gluten-free meal ideas

  • Natural hair care

Assess your congregation and find out their professions, hobbies, and interests. These details can be used to determine groups that members can create and lead. 

Get Started Today!

These are only a few ways to encourage your church family to get involved in building your online presence. A lot of members want to help but sometimes don’t know where to start. Now that you have these ideas in hand, you are on your way to reaching more people through social media ministry.

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